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Sephnos has developed the innovative feeder Turbomate 2 that improves manual and semi-automatic feeding systems for chicks. It is an excellent supplementary food source until 15-18 days of age.

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  • Made with 100% high-density virgin plastic and additives that provides a high resistance and durability.
  • Bi-directional rotary system -170° and +170°.
  • The clamp is easy to install around the metal feeder tube (smooth or ripe) and remains permanently fixed.
  • Recommended density: 1 TURBOMATE 2® for every 50 to 100 chicks.
  • To be installed with or without automatic feeders that have high height, considering the distance of the floor to the lower level of the tube from 23 cm to 26 cm.
  • Capacity: 2.6 lb.
Why is a better option?


The best starter for baby chicks

Ideal height

Easy operation

Washing and Deep desinfection

Ergonomic internal lip to avoid waste

Optimum level of feed to avoid its outflow


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